Food Truck & Biker Gang Ride

2 hours
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About this experience

Have a blast seeing the sights on our electric minibikes with an added stop at a food truck or maybe a taco place to let our riders grab a bite to eat if they’re hungry. It’s a great tour of the city and since it’s lunch time we make sure to take a moment to eat while we see the sights!  No two rides are identical, but the food truck stop takes about as much time as two non food related stops.  If you wanna take a break from riding and experience some award winning food trucks this is your jam.

The cost of food is not included, as we don’t want to fix or control what you get.  There is a lot to choose from.

We are OPEN and ready to take you on an adventure!

Our electric minibike experiences are the FUNNEST two hours in Texas! We take social distancing to the MAX because all of our rides are out in the great outdoors! We also make sure our equipment is cleaned & sanitized before and after each ride so if you're looking for a fun and safe adventure we've got you covered!

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