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2 hours
Starting at $30 per bike*
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About this experience

Our pandemic-friendly rental adventure will knock the cabin fever off your family (and even get "those two" talking to each-other again).


You depart from the heart of the city, close to Zilker Park, Auditorium Shores and bike trails. We highly encourage you to support a local business, get some take out food and find a great place for a picnic.

Although it is easy to remain 6 feet apart from each other - to be socially responsible, please limit your rental group to members of your "shelter in place family".


This includes the use of a one of our electric minibikes (max passenger weight capacity 300 lbs) and helmet.


2 Hours! It's the perfect length of time to ride around Austin and grab some food or just spend the time enjoying the city!

Socially Responsible:

Many have asked us if we do rentals - as they want to enjoy the beautiful weather and get outside but don't have bikes for everyone in their family. Perhaps you have someone in your family that would find a regular bicycle too exhausting in the Texas heat. Our electric bikes are the answer. Every piece of equipment is cleaned & sanitized before and after each use. For your safety ,and the safety of our staff, the pickup and drop off is non-contact and done completely outside. It's the Curbside Cure for Cabin Fever! 

Reservations required for this epic family adventure but you can text us at 512-893-6833 for walk-up availability.

If you would like delivery of bikes, this can be arranged for an additional cost by texting us at -> (512) 893-6833

We are OPEN and ready to take you on an adventure!

Our electric minibike experiences are the FUNNEST two hours in Texas! We take social distancing to the MAX because all of our rides are out in the great outdoors! We also make sure our equipment is cleaned & sanitized before and after each ride so if you're looking for a fun and safe adventure we've got you covered!

Whats included?

Use of our Electric Minibike & helmet are included with each rental for up to two hours.

Whats not?

Special Restrictions

You need to be at least 16 years of age to operate our electric minibike, and passengers age 15 or younger can ride as a passenger as long as they are at least 48" tall. Maximum total weight for passengers is 300 lbs total.

Still have questions?

No worries. Text message us!
(512) 893-6833