Reservation HELP

Don't worry. We've got you covered. Two easy steps.

Step 1. Read the FAQs - You'll find most answers here.


Step 2. Text message the location, but only if it isn't covered in the FAQs.

If you have a question or need help with your reservation send us a text to the appropriate location as that's the best way to get a quick response. If you're old school and want to call, you can leave us a voicemail, and we will get back to you, eventually, but you're old school so we know you know that it will be a little bit for a response from voicemails. We also understand you might have something you need to know that isn't covered and we're happy to help, but please read the FAQs before texting or calling as your question has probably been asked before, hence FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, and it is the fastest way to get those answers.

So you might be thinking, "Why read the FAQs or my confirmation email, I'll just text or call and leave a voicemail and ask something that could have been found out by reading those..." Let me explain why you're gonna want to rethink that strategy. If you text us a question about something that is in the FAQs we are gonna text back a link to the FAQs because we'll think you're messing with us. If you decide to call, just be aware that we aren't gonna answer as it goes to our voicemail message. Now that voice mail message is a few minutes long so right there you've spent more time listening to our super long voicemail and you still won't have the answer. Once that finishes playing you'll have to explain your question in a voicemail and then wait even longer. Why? Well that voicemail is transcribed into a note by our elder, a biker gang shaman if you will,  and then he ties that note to our carrier pigeon's cute little foot. That said carrier pigeon then takes off with that note to our clubhouse. We then take the note off our pigeon's foot and read it. Now our little carrier pigeon is tired and will need to rest, so for us to reply to your inquiry we will then have to find the nearest payphone to contact you. So now you've been wating all this time for your answer, and your phone rings from a number you don't recognize, and you are probably thinking it is some robocall or Uncle Joe or your mother-in-law who seems to always call you from strange numbers to prevent you from ducking out on her calls and you don't answer. Our road captain will then leave you a voicemail telling you to call us back to the same number you left the voicemail on because the payphone we are using doesn't allow callbacks. We then head back to our clubhouse, make sure our pigeon is well rested, and we send him back to rejoin our elder to await the next note from you. And so the cycle continues. So now you still don't have your question answered, we have a tired pigeon, and an elder with writer's cramp. So read the FAQ's. Open that confirmation email. If it isn't answered there, or you didn't get the email because you typed in the wrong address, send us a text. It could save a pigeon from exhaustion and our elder from having hand pain.

But if you really need our assistance, the numbers to contact us at each location are below.