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The Official E-Bike of

In the summer of 2019 our team at made the decision to upgrade our fleet of electric vehicles. We looked at several different e-bike companies like Super 73, Rad Power Bikes, as well as some Austin based e-bike companies. We chose models that had a similar look and design from each company and took all the bikes out on the road to run them through our gamut of tests for comfort, ease of use, price, and being fun to ride. Our team also looked at their durability, ease of repair, availability of parts, as well as battery life to make our final decision. After putting hundreds of miles on them and while there was no clear loser, there was a clear winner, and that was the Rad Runner from Rad Power Bikes.

The Rad Runner had the look we were looking for and it was the one our team wanted to ride more than any of the other models. It was easy to ride, even if you'd never ridden an e-bike before, with a simple interface and pedal assist and pair that with the comfortable bench seat upgrade you have a e-bike that everyone would want and enjoy riding.

So if you're looking for specs, you can find those on Rad Power Bikes' website but if you're looking for a fun e-bike to ride, take our word, as well as the thousands who've ridden with us that the Rad Runner IS one of the best e-bikes you can buy.

The Rad Runner is available exclusively from Rad Power Bikes' website so unfortunately we do not carry them or any other models for sale or offer test rides. They also have other models that may suit your specific needs so be sure to check out their full line of amazing e-bikes here. is an Austin based experiences company.