You may think a biker gang doesn’t have rules. We do and we stand by them.

Refund Policy:  

For all of our regularly scheduled adventures: If it is greater than 24 hours before the originally scheduled departure time you can cancel for any reason and receive a FULL REFUND or change the date of your ride free of charge. If you are unable to cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled time there are no refunds or reschedules. You will need to book again. Rescheduling is subject to availability. Reschedules & refunds require 24 hours advance notice from departure time. For those who booked directly with us you'll be able to manage your booking directly from your confirmation email. We are unable to provide same day rescheduling and missing your departure time will result in the forfeiture of your tickets. This policy applies to the original booking and does not apply to changes or rescheduled times as additional changes will be at our discretion and additional charges may apply.

For Private Parties & Special Events: You can cancel a private party or special event reservation for a full refund up to 7 days prior to original departure time. Reschedule requests for private events within 7 days and greater than 48 hours of departure time are at the discretion of YourBikerGang.com and may result in additional charges. All other changes, requests, cancellations, or reschedules made with less than 48 hours will result in forfeiture of tickets or additional charges at the discretion of YourBikerGang.com.

THERE IS NO REFUND, VOUCHER, OR RESCHEDULE for arriving late and/or missing your departure time. It is up to you to arrive on time and on time means 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO DEPARTURE TIME for ALL e-bike tours. For walking tours please arrive to the departure point a few minutes prior to departure time. Traffic, couldn't get an Uber, woke up late, couldn't find parking and other excuses will not work on us. We've heard them all so don't bother. We know travel can be hard so we’ve made our refund/reschedule policies the most lenient in town, but we stick to it.

*Booking fees, including those charged by third parties, may be non-refundable, and are not covered by this policy.

For Our E-Bike Tours You Must Know How To Ride a Bicycle:

Our e-bike tours are just like bicycle tours so you need to be able to safely and confidently ride a bicycle. We use e-bikes that work on the same principle as a bicycle. No refunds will be given if you cannot pass our rider test and safety training. You don't need to be a Tour de France rider but if you can't ride down the street in your neighborhood we ain't the adventure for you.

Being Late Is Unacceptable:

You MUST ARRIVE 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR RESERVATION TIME for rider training and initiation for ALL e-bike tours. You can reschedule your booking with PRIOR NOTICE of at least 24 hours* before the scheduled tour time  based on tour availability. We do require our e-bike riders to go through a brief, fun and mandatory training and if you cannot arrive on time for that you will not be allowed to ride and you will forfeit your tickets. For our walking tours please arrive a few minutes prior to departure time to the designated meeting point. We will not hold up our tours because of traffic, sleeping in, couldn't get an Uber, being trapped under something heavy, or whatever excuse you're giving as to why you can't arrive on time. We've said we have heard them all and we're saying it again here so you know we reaslly have and are not kidding. Our tours require that our guests follow our road captains (or tour guide) instructions so if you can't arrive on time you're already not following instructions and that isn't cool. So be on time. It's like arriving late for a flight after they've closed the door. Again, DO NOT BE LATE, because you will forfeit your tickets and no refund or reschedule will be provided. You've been warned.

*Private Parties and Special Events require prior notice of 7 days or greater before departure time for rescheduling. See refund policy above for more details.

Kids & Underage Riders: Rules Parents Need To Know

For our e-bike tours: Do you have a child under the age of 13 and they want to be part of the gang? A parent can have a child ride as their passenger for free if their child is UNDER the age of 13 and is at least 48″ tall, and the combined weight of parent and child DOES NOT EXCEED 300 pounds, and only one parent & child per e-bike. Children age 13 and older can operate our e-bikes as long as a parent/guardian accompanies all riders under the age of 16 on the adventure and parent/guardian is available to sign waivers for all riders under the age of 18. No exceptions.

For our walking tours: One child under the age of 5 can accompany a parent or guardian for free. Special priced tickets for children ages 5 - 12 can be purchased. Parents must accompany all children under the age of 16 and must be present to sign waivers for those under the age of 18.

For all of our tours: Parents & guardians are fully responsible for making sure their children follow their tour guide's instructions. Children and their parents who cause a disruption any of our tours will be removed from the tour with no refund.

Hardcore Weather:  

For our e-bike tours: Our road captains take your safety seriously.  They are always ready to ride, and we do ride in light rain and provide ponchos, however if the forecast reflects a strong likelihood for thunderstorms, sleet, snow, dust storms, hurricanes, or if it is below 30 degrees (F) or above 120(F) on the day of your scheduled ride, it will be up to us to cancel the tour and keep you safe – we will “rain check” your reservation to another day (subject to availability) OR provide you a full refund, whichever you prefer. On days when there is a chance for unsafe weather conditions we will be monitoring the weather to make sure it is safe to ride. If we do decide it is necessary to cancel or delay the adventure, reservations will be notified via the booking info on file, so be sure to check your email and/or phone for updates from us. All adventures are considered a go unless we've contacted you otherwise ,so plan on showing up on time, having a fun, and a safe ride!

For our walking tours: Walking tours operate rain or shine. Plan accordingly and come prepared for being outside for two hours. If we need to cancel for severe weather you will have the option for reschedule or refund, your choice.


We love our pets and we know you do too so to keep them safe we do not allow pets or animals of any kind on our e-bike tours. There are NO exceptions to this policy as an animal's safety and well being is EXTREMELY important to us as well as rider safety.

Service animals are allowed on our walking tours but no pets please.

Guest Conduct & Equipment Damage:

YourBikerGang.com provides a family-friendly and inclusive-for-all tour experience that focuses on having fun. Horseplay, offensive language, not following your road captain’s instructions, causing disruptions, making rude/threatening comments, or being inebriated/under the influence will not be tolerated. Period. You will forfeit your tour ticket and no refund will be provided. We aren’t kidding as we will stop the tour and remove not just the offending rider, but everyone in the offending rider's party. We want everyone to have the FUNNEST and safest time on the road.

The person or persons who paid for the reservation is and will be responsible for any damage to our equipment done by those who are participating on their reservation and will be charged for the cost of the repair, labor, parts, and/or full replacement of damaged equipment at the sole discretion of YourBikerGang.com. If you follow the rules of the road, ride safely, and listen to your road captain's (or tour guide's) instructions you're going to have a blast. Do you have some folks on your reservation that are prone to making mistakes? (you know who they are and that's why you never bring out Grandma's good china on Thanksgiving) We suggest purchasing Cover Your Butt equipment protection (available for our e-bike tours) to prevent unexpected costs from accidental damage to our equipment. This WILL NOT cover damages to our equipment from horseplay or from actions that result due to not listening to your guide's instructions.

Your Contact Information Is Important:

We use the contact information you provide us for updates and important information regarding your tour. We are not responsible for communications not received due to misdirected/invalid email address or incorrect phone numbers. No refunds or reschedules will be provided for not receiving communications due to spam filters, invalid emails, or incorrect contact info. For International customers we may require a U.S. contact number for certain reservations such as private parties. International customers should contact us by replying to their confirmation email or at hello@yourbikergang.com. International customers should not use our text hotline as we cannot guarantee our replies will be received. We are not responsible for communications not received from third-party travel agencies such as Tripadvisor, Viatour, Get Your Guide, Airbnb, or others. You will need to contact those companies directly for changes regarding your reservation.

Disclaimer: Ticket sales made through third-party agents or partners may have other terms & conditions in addition to the ones listed here. Please contact your original point-of-sale for their refund/cancellation policies as well as any changes you need made to your reservation.

Still have questions?

Text message the biker gang hotline (U.S. numbers only)
International customers please email your questions to: hello@yourbikergang.com