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Loyalty Has Its Privileges When You Join Our Gang!

We want to thank everyone who has taken a ride with us this year as we know it's been a crazy time to travel or even find something fun and safe to do with the family in Austin and we can't say how much all the support has meant to us and our team. It's also given us an opportunity to think of a way to reward our most loyal members with our new Member Buttons!

When you take a ride with us in Austin on any of our adventures you'll receive a button that will let everyone know you're part of our gang. Now besides being a cool button you will also get perks throughout the year if you wear that button. It could be free rides. It could be a t-shirt. It could be a special adventure that is just for our members. The world is your oyster!

We will be making announcements and sending out emails to alert you to the current member perk so be sure to be on the look out. In the next few weeks we will also be launching a "members only" portal on our website so you'll be able to check what our current perk is. For our Austin launch you can read about what the button gets you below.

The Current Member Button Perk

Ok so here are the rules to get a free ride for your guest, on us, when you wear the button. This perk is available for all of our riders in Austin as of this week and will be rolling out to Panama City in 2021. The perks will change from time to time but for our launch we've come up with one heck of a deal.

  • Book any of our adventures for 2 or more riders at current ticket rate on for any date that takes place from now until February 14th, 2021
  • Tickets must be full price tickets. No discount codes can be used with this offer. Sorry!
  • Show up for your ride with your guest wearing the button and show it to your Road Captain. Yes, you must wear the button. If you lose it or forget it no dice.
  • One ticket will be refunded from your reservation. Easy peasy!

It really is that simple. Wear it. Ride. Get rewarded. So don’t lose the button. It’s got value. If you do lose it you’ll have to come on another ride to earn another. If you left it at home that sucks, don’t forget it next time. We will also have other offers and promotions so keep wearing that button with pride as you never know what it will be!

If you don't have a button yet (or you've lost it) you can still use your member card discount you recieved after your ride to save 20% on your reservation. You'll get a button if you don't have the current one we're offering too. Oh and one more thing... We are going to be switching up button designs from time to time and for those who have collected them all they will receive a special perk each year. So put it on your favorite jacket or cap and let everyone know you're proud to be in the gang!

Thanks again for riding with the gang, is an Austin based experiences company.