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Large Group? No problem! Bring your gang and we've got the bikes!

Do you have an event you're planning and looking for something fun you can all do together? Bring your gang of friends, coworkers, or your extended family on a biker gang adventure and put the biggest smile on their faces that hasn't been there since 2019! Our electric minibike adventures are the perfect way to finally bring your coworkers together for that work outing that got cancelled months ago. Celebrating a birthday or are you finally bringing your friends together to make that bachelorette party happen and looking for the funnest thing to do? We got you covered! If you have a group up to 16 people we can bring you all together for an epic ride that they'll never forget! Looking for groups larger than 16? We can plan an afternoon and make sure everyone gets on the road for a day of fun!

Our team of adventure planners and road captains will make sure you get to see the sights and have a blast. If you have special requests (We live for these!) for certain stops or want to start or end somewhere we create the adventure that will surpass all expectations. All you'll need to do is bring your gang and we'll take care of the rest!

Contact us to setup your private party here! is an Austin based experiences company.