Austin Central Firestation No. 1

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Austin Central Firestation No. 1

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The building became a part of the National Register of Historic Places on May 5, 2000.
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What everyone knows

The Austin Central Firestation Number 1 is located in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas.

What they don't tell you

The Central Station No. 1 wasn’t the first fire station in downtown Austin. In 1868 Washington Fire Company #1 was established on 6th Street. The first fire engine, pulled by hand, was replaced by a steamer, which in turn was abandoned when the water company changed to the Holly system in the early 1880s. The engine company then was converted to a hose company.

Do it like a local

Austin has dozens of museums, however the Austin Fire Museum is not too well known. I recommend you see it for yourself!

For the History Buffs

The firehouse is Austin's busiest station, which includes Ladder 1, Engine 1, and Engine 50. Its construction was completed in 1939, and the historic station is currently host to the Austin Fire Museum. The museum's exhibits include firefighting equipment, uniforms from the 19th to 21st Century, photographs, and memorabilia from Texas' first African American firefighters. Austin Fire Department began in the 1870’s with a very formal volunteer program comprised of Austin’s businessmen and merchants. Many devoted their lives to the fire department. The first paid Fire Chief appointed by Austin city administrators in 1866 was C.F. Millett. Under Millett’s direction strict fire ordinances were passed and they were effectively enforced by the dedicated volunteers. In June 1916, Clarence Woodward was appointed Fire Chief. The volunteer fire companies disbanded and the fire department renumbered its fire stations and renamed its apparatus which is still in effect today.
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