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Before I Die Project

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This interactive art project invites people to share their aspirations with the world. New Orleans based artist Candy Chang created the original wall on an abandoned house in her neighborhood, inspired by the grief of losing a loved one. Chang stenciled the open phrase “Before I die I want to ___” onto a painted wall, Then invited the public to grab a piece of chalk and share with the world the one thing they want to do before they die.
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Since the original wall in New Orleans in 2011, over 1000 re-creations have been put up on walls in over sixty countries and thirty-eight languages around the world. The worldwide walls and messages are now chronicled in Chang’s “Before I Die” book.

Do it like a local

Grab you some Ice cream from Amy’s ice cream's on South Congress and set out on a short walk south to Elizabeth street. Take a left and the Before I die mural will be on your left at the end of the street. They don’t always have chalk to use there so if you can, pick some up before you head over.

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