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Daruma Ramen

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Daruma Ramen is a tiny eatery in downtown Austin focusing on light texture ramen enjoyed with others at communal tables.
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What everyone knows

Most people might not know that Daruma Ramen is the sister to Komé Sushi Kitchen (on Airport Blvd), and I mean little sister since this cozy restaurant on Sixth Street only holds 29 occupants.

What they don't tell you

Their cozy and traditional ambience is very welcoming, and the abundance of decorative round Japanese Daruma Dolls are a delight. (modeled after Bodhidharma - the founder of the Zen tradition of Buddhism - they are built to bounce back when knocked over signifying their symbol of perserverance).

Do it like a local

The tiny shop can fill up quickly so be sure to add your name to the list and enjoy a sake, if you can find an opening at the very small bar, while you wait. Oh yeah, be sure to save room for their homemade soft serve ice cream, with creative flavors like miso or wasabi.

For the History Buffs

Daruma specializes in a light and delicate ramen due to its whole chicken and vegetable broth choices, rather than a pork broth base used by most other ramen restaurants. Their menu is simple and offers just four varieties of ramen: Shio, Shoyu, Miso, and Vegetable (which is vegan). All four ramens have a very unique personality so you can choose your ramen based on your diet or your craving.
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