Deep Eddy Pool

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Deep Eddy Pool

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During the depression the Works Progress Administration built a bathhouse along with the famous Deep Eddy Pool. Historically the oldest pool in Texas.
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What everyone knows

That the street parking is super limited. It is also a must do thing if visiting or just want to refresh in the texas heat. Alot of race lanes and the water temp is not as cool as Barton Springs.

What they don't tell you

That the bathhouse was originally built during the great depression

Do it like a local

Go do a front flip off the diving board

For the History Buffs

Started off as a swimming hole that flowed through Austin where there was a boulder formed an eddy. The 9 acres surrounding the hole was bought in 1915. Later in 1935 the City of Austin bought the property for $10k. The bathhouse that was built back in the great depression was destroyed when the river had a massive flood two weeks after the city purchased the property. Today Deep Eddy Pool is great for lap swimmers and with such a big wading pool, children can play at ease. The not chlorinated water stays between 66 - 75 degrees F. The bathhouse was never open for the public for years but after some donations and funding, it later opened for use in 2007.
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