Hey Cupcake food truck

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Hey Cupcake food truck

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One of the first food trucks to appear on S. Congress Ave. was a super sleek airstream trailer with a giant cupcake on top!
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What everyone knows

This food truck would be the one my parents would only let me go to after I ate my main meal, since they only serve dessert!

What they don't tell you

Hey Cupcake actually began on West 24th Street in March 2007 and  then relocated the trailer to the 1600 block of South Congress Avenue that year.

Do it like a local

Do you know where you’re going to be on December 15? I am going to one of the two locations of Hey, Cupcake! “Why?”, you may ask, because it’s National Cupcake Day, of course!

For the History Buffs

Wes Hurt founded the company in 2007. However, in an unusual twist of fate Hurt was fired by his own company’s board members due to alcohol & drug addictions. Hurt went through rehab and ended up selling the majority of his business in the company in 2014 and here is the icing on the cake: A year later Hurt created a bottled water company in 2015, fittingly called Clean Cause where part of the profits go to others who find themselves in recovery. Meredith and Chad "Chuck" Dupree are the new owners. Sound familiar? They are the popcorn aficionados who own Chuck's Gourmet Popcorn in Waco, since 2015. Their freshly baked selection includes single cupcakes or you can purchase a six pack of minis if you like.
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