“Hi, How Are You?” Mural

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“Hi, How Are You?” Mural

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The Hi, How Are You mural is one of the most iconic murals in the city!
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What everyone knows

This image is found all over town on tee shirts, stickers and buttons. It is a testament to the amicable Austinites that reside in the capital city.

What they don't tell you

Kurt Cobain, wore his “Hi, How Are You” tee to the ‘92 MTV Video Music Awards. Oddly enough, there is a local non-profit group that has named itself “Hi, How Are You?”

Do it like a local

Join the multitude of others by going to the iconic mural and take a selfie!

For the History Buffs

“Hi, How Are You?” That phrase is probably the most used greeting around the world in any language, and it is definitely stated Word for Word in Austin, Texas annually on January 22, ever since Mayor Steve Adler officially declared that day to be Hi, How Are You? Day with the intent to encourage people to check in on their friends, family, and strangers. It all started in 1992, when the birth of one of the most recognizable symbols took place. Daniel Johnston painted the mural on the side of a record shop which has become different restaurants since then. The mural is of Jeremiah the Innocent, a friendly-looking cartoon amphibian that also appears in various forms throughout Johnston’s art journals and paintings. Sadly, Austin almost lost its beloved mural a decade after its creation. When a Mexican restaurant took over the building’s lease they planned to paint over it. Luckily, the community came together and voiced their intense displeasure at this potential tragedy and the mural was left intact. Today, people are regularly lining up to take photos in front of the mural.
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