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Hands down, Best breakfast tacos in Austin.
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What everyone knows

For over 36 years Juan In a Million has served the community down-home, traditional Mexican food. This family-owned, grandmother in the back making tortillas and fresh salsa kinda place, is a true East Austin Gem.

What they don't tell you

There’s an ongoing contest amongst customers to see who can eat the most Don Juan Tacos in one sitting. The current record is nine tacos for the Men’s category, five for Women’s (completed in 51 minutes and 43 seconds!!), and four for Celebrity (attempted by Adam Richman on Man v Food).

Do it like a local

Pro Tip: Go for breakfast and order the Don Juan Taco. Legend has it that The Don Juan is big enough to feed a family of four... or me on a Sunday morning. yummmmo! Chances are you will meet Juan when you walk in, and boy will he be happy to meet you. Greeted with a handshake and a smile, Juan is a wealth of Austin knowledge So here is your opportunity to ask him questions about the city or neighborhoods past.

For the History Buffs

Juan and Myrna Meza were school teachers that took a chance on their life long dream of owning a family ran, traditional, neighborhood restaurant. In July of 1980, they got their chance and they took it. Thirty-seven years later Juan in a Million is still going strong. Sticking to there ethos from the fresh and traditional Mexican food with a "come in and sit down, you're a part of the family" vibe, to Juan himself Shaking your hand as you come in the door. Juan in a Million remains a true family business with son Juan Jr managing day-to-day operations and daughter Christina managing media relations.
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