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Lazurus Brewing Company

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Are you looking for a cozy little taproom to take your out of town friends or family? Look no further than Lazurus Brewing Company in eccentric East Austin. There you can enjoy incredibly fragrant and bold beer, as well as a tasty taco, and full service espresso bar.
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What everyone knows

Lazurus is in walking distance to three other Austin breweries on the east side - Zilker Brewing Co., Blue Owl, and Hops & Grain - however I prefer Lazurus’ welcoming atmosphere, top-notch beers, and authentic street tacos.

What they don't tell you

Lazurus recently acquired the adjacent building where they have a pretty sweet barrel aging program in the “Cool Store”, next door with hopes to begin roasting its own coffee in the near future.

Do it like a local

Craving some good suds?? Grab your dog, sit outside at the communal picnic tables, order a side of their delightful fried chick peas, and a pint of one of their uniquely crafted beers.

For the History Buffs

It all started in 2010, when Lazurus teamed up with Montana's largest brewery - Sky Brewing Co. - to brew an 11% abv imperial saison wonder, fit for a king, and All Souls Ale was born. Named after the non-denominational church Lazurus founder Christian Cryder became pastor of in Missoula, Montana. All proceeds of the seasonal beer went on to almost completely fund operations of the non-profit he started Imagine Missoula. This collaboration between Christian and Bjorn Nabozney, owner of Big Sky Brewing, spawned the idea for Lazurus. Without doubt, I am delighted!
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