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Open Room Austin

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This is the best table in the city and you don't even need a reservation.
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What everyone knows

At first glance it looks like a really long table covered in a lace tablecloth waiting to be set for a big dinner party but when you get lose to it you realize the table is made of aluminium as is its decorative "lace" tablecloth. The 24 foot table is surrounded by 4 tree-like chandeliers to invite social encounters in a "dining al fresco" setting. Open Room Austin was designed and created by Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar as part of the Art in Public Places project by the City of Austin in 2010.

What they don't tell you

Do it like a local

Stop by the nearby True Foods Kitchen or Trader Joe's and grab something to enjoy at Open Room Austin with friends or significant other around sunset. This will be a dinner you will remember as you enjoy the epic view from that vantage point as the sun sets to the west.

For the History Buffs

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