Peace Love Austin mural

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Peace Love Austin mural

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Peace Love Austin is yet another masterpiece by the world famous Mike Johnston.
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What everyone knows

It makes for a great photo op if you are with others. Have some people make the peace sign while others make a heart with both thumbs and index fingers.

What they don't tell you

If you wonder why you keep noticing the word “truth” on most of his creations, it’s because Mike often utters the phrase “That’s the Truth” when he agrees with things people say.

Do it like a local

If you wanna impress your loved one, walk a couple blocks over from “Peace, Love Austin”, in a parking garage off Lavaca St., (across from the W hotel). Johnston also painted a super long colorful mural titled “Love Wins”.

For the History Buffs

Street art master, Mike Johnston, was commissioned by Google Fiber to paint a mural using his own flair to tell the story of Austin. What he came up with is a mural showing a person skateboarding with all kind of Austin icons in the background like a guitar, pinata, cowboy boot and more, titled “Peace Love Austin”. He is known for the portraits of pop culture icons he has painted throughout Austin. His bright, graphic and illustrative style catches people’s attention, and loves to paint on found objects and on giant concrete walls. One thing he hopes to be true about his art is that it brings a smile. His major influences have been comic books, Jesus Cristo, and street art. Mike “Truth” Johnston’s street art can be found all over the globe, and has multiple murals in Austin, including some you won’t find outdoors. In addition to outdoor art, he has painted some eye-catching murals inside of tech companies and other businesses in Austin of which you can view on his Instagram page.
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