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Sholz Garten

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In 1893 the Sholz Garten hosted a celebration for the University of Texas football team for its first undefeated season.
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What everyone knows

Its a beer garden (garten) with some amazing Bavarian pretzels. So Beer, Pretzels. Yes please.

What they don't tell you

As the oldest restaurant and beer garten in Texas, Scholz has been a standard in the Austin community for over 150 years.

Do it like a local

October Fest is a thing here! Christmas celebrations are great and the German/American Appreciation center will teach you German for free ;). Wunderbar!

For the History Buffs

Here are some Deets.

  • 1866 German immigrant and Civil War August Scholz opened up Scholz Garten.
  • Bought and sold a number of times
  • 1908 The Austin Saengerrunde (a German singing group) and built a bowling alley (german version is called Kegeln) and its one of the oldest operating bowling centers in the US.
  • Hosting important dignitaries, sports teams, festivals its become an absolute staple of Austin's Culture.

Uncountable cool people (German and not) have visited here.

more deets here

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