Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum

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Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum

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The “Umlauf” does a phenomenal job of meshing nature and art in a peaceful setting, unlike no other place in Texas!
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What everyone knows

This unique attraction is across the street from Zilker Park and Barton Springs.

What they don't tell you

To protect the bronze from being damaged by salts and oils on exploring fingers, the sculptures have been waxed so all visitors can touch the sculptures. So go ahead and get your tactile on!

Do it like a local

Looking for a sublime and romantic first date idea? How about meeting up at “The Umlauf”?! as you stroll through nature on the various pathways and admire the bronze and stone pieces, you can share each of your thoughts as you rest on one of the scattered benches throughout the property. I guarantee there will be a second date, at least!

For the History Buffs

There are dozens of museums and gardens in Austin, however none are as classically elegant as The Umlauf Scuplture Garden and museum. At Umlauf, nature meets art in harmonius perfection. Native trees, shrubs, and a xeriscape garden as well as waterfalls and streams intertwine their way among and around bronze & stone statues creating a serenity that would soothe the savage beast! In 1985, Charles and Angeline Umlauf gifted their home, property, art studio and 168 sculptures to the City of Austin for public enjoyment and education. In 1991, the property was transformed into a Sculpture Garden for the dozens of donated bronze and stone pieces.
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