Willie Nelson Statue

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Willie Nelson Statue

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Willie Nelson is a national treasure to us Austinites.
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What everyone knows

New York has the "Library Lions" and the "Statue Of Liberty",  St. Louis has its arch,  South Dakota has Mount Rushmore. Austin Has Willie Nelson, that's just how we roll.

What they don't tell you

The statue was commemorated on April, 20th at exactly 4:20 pm in true Willie fashion.

Do it like a local

Show up around 7:30 pm during the summer. The lighting at sunset is magical and great for snapping that perfect picture for your gram. Jump up there with him. Don't be afraid, he won't bite.

For the History Buffs

Willie Nelson is Austin's Unofficial grandpa. This statue is a huge honor to the man that truly helped Austin become weird. ( We just help keep it weird now) It stands 8 foot tall and weighs in at over a ton. He is captured forever in bronze, sitting like a real troubadour with his guitar " Trigger" over his lap. He is addressing the crowd with that sparkle in his eye that we all know and love. The sculpture of the country music legend was donated to the city by the nonprofit CAST, Austin’s Capital Area Statues, who commissioned the work by Philadelphia artist Clete Shields. “I would like to thank the city of Austin, Texas for this great honor. Thank you for the statue. Thank you for the street and thank you for the W Hotel. 4/20 is a good day.” - Willie Nelson
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