“You’re My Butter Half” Mural

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“You’re My Butter Half” Mural

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This romantic mural is a very popular photo op for couples of all ages. It is an iconic image found on various gift items around town.
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What everyone knows

“You’re My Butter Half” is definitely one of Austin’s most Instagrammable murals!

What they don't tell you

It is a play on words of the phrase “My better half” which actually goes way back in history.  English poet & scholar Sir Philip Sidney was the first to put into print in 1580 the use of this phrase in The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia: “My deare, my better halfe (sayd hee) I find I must now leave thee."

Do it like a local

Whether you want to take your very own better half here to propose or simply take a romantic anniversary selfie, you won’t be disappointed with its colorful and adorable play on words.

For the History Buffs

In 2012, United Way and John Rockwell of the Creative Suitcase team joined forces to paint the popular and adoring piece of street art that still adorns the wall of the United Way building in East Austin. The mural has become a common spot for sweethearts to snap a photo. Although its remote locale keeps it away from the majority of murals in downtown Austin, it is definitely one of the most romantic murals in town. You’re My Butter Half consists of a slice of bread and a pat of butter with a red heart in between and is found on all kinds of merch such as coasters, t-shirts, magnets, and posters. When I see this mural I can’t help but think of the local popular barbecue eatery The County Line and their savory homemade bread, served as thick, warm slices with a side of honey butter.
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