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Looking for the best ride? Get a Rad Power Bikes E-Bike!

Looking to get an e-bike? Get the official e-bike of, the Rad Runner from Rad Power Bikes!
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We chose the Rad Runner eBike for our adventures after testing out a variety of different electric vehicles. Why? We needed a vehicle that was going to be fun to ride, looked cool, and we had to make sure it was going to be able to handle the amount of daily use as one of our tour vehicles. The Rad Runner has exceeded our needs and expectations and Rad Power Bikes' support team is unmatched. Plus it's a lot of fun to ride. Our riders have loved riding the Rad Runner since we added it to our fleet and now it is the exclusive vehicle for all of our adventures.

You can also customize the Rad Runner. A total of 330 accessory combinations means your Rad Runner can be uniquely yours. Rad Power Bikes have a full suite of racks and platforms, and a patent-pending Passenger Package and Center Console, you can accessorize to your heart's content to truly expand the bike's functionality. Heck, you can get on Amazon and find tons of different accessories to make the Rad Runner look the way you want. 

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