Fun but dangerous

My son and I rode the electric bike Austin tour yesterday. Patrick was knowledgeable and friendly and we got to see a lot of Austin. It’s a lot of fun for 2 hours. I’d give it 5 stars without the accident.Be careful though, these bikes can slip out from under you on loose gravel. This happened to me after visiting graffiti park. Heading down a steep hill, my bike slid out on some gravel and down I went. My knee is hurt and I have some pretty severe scrapes. It would have been great for us to go single file down the hill, but that wasn’t the guidance from our guide. Your biker gang should really take that part of the tour out of their route. It didn’t appear that Patrick had a first aid kit on him for such occurrences. I was offered two moist towelettes and band aids to hold me over until we got back to their location 10 mins away.I suggest you be very careful and consider the insurance and keep to the middle of the lanes away from debris on the roads. Fun time, but the bikes are heavy and can slip out on you on loose gravel. More

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