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If you're looking for something different to do, especially with some friends, check this out! My wife and I and another couple did just that, and we had a great time. Our host/guide Patrick was a big part of that, as he was super engaging not only with us, but all the other "outlaw bikers" on our time slot. First thing is the introduction to the bikes, what button does what, all the basic operation info. Then a brief practice run making left and right turns, etc. Once everyone was ready, we did a trek over to the Picnic food court on Barton Springs, where we stayed for about 30 minutes while everyone grabbed whatever they wanted from one of the food trucks, then through a Bouldin area neighborhood to several murals along South 1st and South Congress for photos of the whole group and then some on your own if you so desired. On the ride back we went straight north on Congress on a busy SXSW Saturday, that was pretty awesome. We seemed to be attracting a lot of attention, people were curious and also humorous about it ( We were called "Hells Angels" by one guy, ha ha) . We had some out of towners in our group, so it was cool that Patrick made an effort to point out places of interest with little factoids of information along the way.Great way to spend a couple hours on a weather permitting day like we had. We really enjoyed it, and plan on returning for sure, especially since once you register the first time, you get 20% off all subsequent visits. You could spend a lot more for a lot less in 2 hours elsewhere. So, in summary, if you're feeling spunky one day and want to play "rebel biker"and enjoy a little Austin food and scenery, give these guys a try. You'll like it. Promise.

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