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STOP WHAT YOURE DOING RIGHT NOW (after you finish reading this review) AND BOOK A TOUR!!!!

I cannot say enough awesome things about our tour of Austin with YourBikerGang. At the beginning of the tour, we were familiarized with the bikes and everyone had a chance to get comfortable with them in a safe environment. We made some practice laps then hit the rod.

Our guide (Cope) was very informative and told us a lot of interesting things about the city. We are from out of town, but I really encourage locals to go also. It's a totally different experience! Our pack leader Cope engaged us as a group and instead of just talking to us, he talked WITH us. We went on a 10:00 am ride on a Saturday morning so our group was pretty small. It was nice to have a smaller group instead of the larger group that was rolling out at 12:00 when we arrived back. You could tell that this wasn't just a job for Cope and that he really enjoyed taking us on the tour also. Seriously, he was freakin awesome.

While talking with Cope on our ride, he told us that they also have a San Antonio location and are planning more locations. We are already planning a San Antonio trip JUST to get to do this ride there. You can bet I will be recommending this to all of my friends. As we passed people on the street in ATX, people were asking how they could go on a ride also. This is seriously the coolest idea ever. The concept is great. Cope took this cool idea and really turned it into an experience to remember.

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Taylor S.


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