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What a fun and unique experience! I had never been to Austin so in addition to the fun drinking and eating I wanted to actually get a tour of the city. After checking out various other tours (walking tours, get on and off a bus, blah blah blah) I came across biker gang and knew we had to try it. The bikes were so much fun to drive that when we stopped for the first "tour" part I forgot we were actually getting a tour too... was fun just driving them around! I am certainly NOT an experienced biker so I especially appreciated the time and patience they took to explain how they worked before we got going. I love it when you can tell the guides love their jobs and that was certainly the case with Cope and Joe. Being on the bikes you definitely cover a lot more ground, yet it's easier to jump on and off and park in places where parking would take longer in a van or car. 100% recommend-great bang for your buck and get some awesome photos!

by -
Liz H.


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