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Are you interested in becoming an owner of a YourBikerGang.com franchise? We’re not surprised. 

The global travel & tourism sector was over $9 trillion in 2019 and has been growing year after year until 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide shutdowns. As the world recovers from this unprecedented event and with vaccinations now being administered and the reopenings of businesses, hotels, experts foresee travel coming back in 2021 due to the pent-up travel demand caused by the pandemic. This is the perfect time to begin in the travel and tourism sector in the U.S. to be in position for success for 2021, 2022 and beyond.  

Prior to the pandemic, YourBikerGang.com’s adventures and experiences were growing year after year consistent with the travel sector’s growth as well as the economic growth in the communities we operated in. Unlike many other shuttered businesses in the travel activities sector, our business survived 2020 as our style of fun was something people could do safely and provided the much needed relief to those families who quarantined together of cabin fever. We believe we have created the secret sauce recipe for fun with an experience like no other that locals and travelers love and expect the solid revenue growth we experienced prior to 2020 to grow exponentially over the next few years. 

What is YourBikerGang.com


For us to create the best travel experience possible it began with building a team that has the passion and drive for delivering a fun and unique experience to our riders that was like no other. We look for those who have that spark that brings a smile to someone’s face when they tell a story. It’s that level of passion, drive, and charisma that makes showing off our community’s history and culture not your average run-of-the-mill job but funemployment! It never feels like work but we do work hard at what we do and it’s that level of commitment that has made being part of our gang the FUNNEST job possible! If this doesn’t have you excited to learn more about this opportunity you can stop here, but if you are, keep reading.


YourBikerGang.com began in 2017 with a couple of e-bikes to get around the city and when everyone saw us riding with big smiles on our faces we knew we were on to something. Do you remember that feeling of riding your bike with your friends and heading to the convenience store for candy and soda? We do. It was that perfect balance of freedom, camaraderie and fun. Our experiences bring that feeling back no matter what your age is. 

How? We’ve combined easy-to ride e-bikes, tour guides, showmanship, and a tongue-in-cheek schtick of being in a biker gang to create a family-friendly experience that shows off the city that has our riders dancing in their seats! We even guarantee that our riders will have fun on their ride with the gang! Anyone can take a tour. We provide an ADVENTURE! 

YourBikerGang.com was selected by Tripadvisor as one of the Top 25 Experiences in the United States

Why become a YourBikerGang.com Franchisee?

Are you looking to build something that has you looking forward to waking up to go to “work” every morning? Do you have a love for your community, a desire to share that with others, and want to be a part of the growing travel and tourism sector for your city? A franchise with YourBikerGang.com IS the opportunity you’ve been looking for! We offer a winning recipe for our award-winning adventures that have a five star rating on every travel platform. If you’re looking to start a business, our franchises are a ready-to-go operation that you can bring to any city. We offer market analysis, our playbook for award-winning experiences, experts to help you grow your franchise, and more with opportunities starting at just $50,000.

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