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The Texas Music Museum works to broaden its collection of oral histories, photos, and other artifacts. It shares these resources with numerous groups in Austin and throughout Texas. The collection and programs of TMM encourage active participation by youth and adults in the continuing legacy of creating and preserving the music of Texas.
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What everyone knows

Most people know they can find information about all kinds of Texas musicians at TMM. However, I would venture to say that not many are unaware of the depth and scope of these artifacts and collections that are housed at the museum.

What they don't tell you

Did you know that the Texas Music Museum has played an important role in honoring the first 10 inductees to the Austin Music Memorial at the Long Center by providing photos, biographical material, rare LPs, cassettes, CDs and VCRs for all ten inductees?

Do it like a local

if you are a fan of music, no matter what genre, please go to the Texas Music Museum. You will be impressed and astonished with the quality and quantity of material and knowledge TMM has to offer.

For the History Buffs

The Texas Music Museum (TMM) possesses a unique and historical treasure-trove of artifacts from musicians who made Austin the Live Music Capital of the World! In 1984, the museum opened its doors and their mission is to “collect and preserve artifacts, documents and reference material surrounding the diverse traditions of Texas music, and utilize these collections in the presentation of exhibits, educational programs, and performances”. At this East Austin museum you will find both a permanent as well as a rotating exhibit. The permanent exhibit is the result of 35 years of research and documentation by those who volunteer at The Texas Music Museum in an effort to preserve the rich heritage of East Austin’s African-American musicians. The exhibit focuses on East Austin’s African American music history, and explores the musical legacies of the artists. The exhibit includes rare photographs, biographies, historic posters, recordings, and live music videos.  In display cases you will find instruments and memorabilia from featured artists and East Austin Blues and Jazz communities.  The multi-genre exhibit explores Ragtime, Barrelhouse, Blues, Jazz, and Gospel music. Throughout the museum you will also find exhibits on all the other genres of music in Texas including Texas Historic and Patriotic, Country, Gospel, Classical, Cowboy, Big Band, Western Swing, Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Soul, and Popular, as well as Texas ethnic music, including Tejano, Czech, African American, German, and Native American. What is amazing is that you won’t just find all these diverse materials that include photographs, video, artifacts, and documents solely at the Texas Music Museum. In 2005, the Austin Chronicle called TMM the “Best Roving Museum”. It has presented free exhibits, music programs and symposia at many local museums and at other public venues, including the state Capitol, the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, and at the city’s schools and libraries. As you can see, these exhibits and programs encourage both youth and adults to participate actively in the enjoyment, appreciation and ongoing preservation of the Lone Star State’s musical heritage.
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