Can't recommend it enough

I'm local, so I'll be back. I took my (70something) mom on a 9 a.m. vaguely-themed YBG tour (they offer some that are focused on specific aspects of Austin -- this one was more the general one) because it was her birthday and we had guests coming in to town and she still hasn't been downtown much. I expected the usual high points, just on a bike, and that would have been cool. What I got was a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide (Patrick) who took us on a tour that was an awesome combination of the usual high points and some fascinating side trips. (Dude knows a lot about all kinds of minutae, including chicken and tattoos and local plants and Texas history -- it totally didn't surprise me that he was a teacher in a past life!) We went places that I didn't know existed and had a blast. So, two thumbs up. And I would think this tour would be fine for almost anyone -- I drove because my mom gets nervous, but we were on easily operated, well maintained bikes and took safe, medium-traffic routes, and she totally could've handled it as well. Our fellow tour takers varied from college students on Spring break to, well, my mom. So anyone would enjoy it. And it's a pretty good deal for 2ish hours of really good guidance. Do it -- you'll be glad you did. More

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