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Your first stop in Austin should be here. Its a really nice way to see the city up close and learn about the city. I now know where the oldest bricks in Austin are, thanks Tyler ;)They give a comprehensive briefing before you leave and have a quick course on handling to get you acclamated before you hit the road. It was focused on road safety and getting comfortable steering around.My background: zero motorcycle experience but confidence as a cyclist a 10/10, imho that means I have no issues riding with cars and traffic. I had no issues. You just always need to pay attention to your group and the traffic around you. I had a fantastic time.The tour is about 2 hours and we did the noon one, which includes a taco stop, but all the shops were closed (mon/tues) hazard. Instead we stopped at Ironworks bbq, which had some great lunch options. (You pay for lunch not the company) we zipped around austin before and after lunch, it includes a stop at the hope gallery until it gets relocated in a month or so.

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