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Crazy fun!!! Look, don't think that I wasn't a bit hesitant at first. Riding in traffic, in a new city, on a scooter wasn't really my idea of a nice relaxing vacation, but I'm so glad I did it! Kope made sure we were all super comfortable and super safe the whole time. We did a little training first just around some parking lots to get our bearings and to feel the power and practice some turns (I had never driven a scooter before) and then we were off to the streets. He took us on an awesome route around the city with interesting stops at cool murals and some historical Austin landmarks. When the tour was over, I wanted to go again..I was hooked! Met some cool people and got some really cool pictures (that I'm sure made my Instagram followers super jealous) and that I will treasure forever! Only thing, in order to drive one of these, you should at least be able to ride a bicycle, but you can ride with two people on one bike, no problem. You won't regret doing this!!

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Jenna R.


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