Too Cool for School!

Our group of 8 adults (6 drivers and 2 riders) recently had a blast touring downtown Austin with Patrick, a former elementary school teacher turned biker dude. After making sure we all felt comfortable on our bikes before heading out, he said his three goals for the day were safety, education, and fun, and he exceeded our expectations in every area.In addition to the standard Austin downtown landmarks, he also pointed out lesser-known sights including a flock of Mexican parakeets sporting bright green plumage as well as their incredible public library, which we visited at his suggestion after the tour was over. (Best library ever! If you have time, go check out the views from the gorgeous outdoor lounging area at the top of the building as well as the innovative features of the actual library, including a kiosk that will dispense random reading material based on the amount of time you have to read. Wow!)The Voodoo Donuts stop halfway through the tour was a well-timed and delicious break, and the cooler bags full of ice-cold water he provided at the YBG location came in handy. Besides being a knowledgeable tour guide, Patrick is also a great photographer, and he captured the day in numerous pics (group and individual ones) to help us remember this wonderful experience. Since our accommodations for the week were actually in San Antonio, we only spent one day in Austin, and I can’t think of a better introduction to the city than cruising around it with Patrick. Don’t think twice – BOOK THIS TOUR!

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