Tons of fun!!!!!

This was by far the highlight of our trip! SO MUCH FUN!!! The 2 guys, Peanut and Gator, were excellent. Fun and funny and knowledgeable. First off, they took us through how to ride the bike. Very safety conscious. And were very attentive throughout the tour checking in with us to make sure we were ok. Once I got over my initial nervousness of riding the bike (I've never ridden one before) I relaxed and it was easy to ride. Seriously, not hard at all. And I'm a small woman, only 5' tall and had no trouble whatsoever. And then we were off on the streets of downtown Austin. We stopped throughout the 2 hour tour for Peanut to shows us stuff as we went. There were 8 people in our "gang". And honestly the funnest and best thing we did in Austin. I can't recommend it enough!!!

by -
Jackie C


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