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We tested a lot of e-bikes and chose the Rad Runner by Rad Power Bikes.

Our biker gang e-bike adventures are known for being fun and we wanted to have an e-bike that let our riders enjoy themselves without having to spend too much time learning a complicated e-bike to ride. It had to be cool. It had to be comfortable. It had to be fun to ride. We tried a lot of great e-bikes (and some not so great e-bikes) before deciding on the Rad Runner by Rad Power Bikes. The quality of the build of the bike, the ability to customize it, easy to maintain, as well as how comfortable, and easy-to-ride it was made it the only e-bike we wanted to have our adventures on. Thousand of miles & smiles later we know without a doubt that the Rad Runner was the right choice. Take a ride on one of our adventures to experience the fun of the Rad Runner before you buy. Use the code RADRUNNER and get 20% off when booking any of our biker gang adventures and give the Rad Runner a try. Trust us, you'll love it!

We've had so many requests from our riders that we've arranged special pricing from Rad Power Bikes so when you're ready to purchase  you can click here to get our exclusive discount when you order direct from Rad Power Bikes on any of their models and it will be shipped directly to your home. You can even arrange for it to be assembled when it's delivered so you'll be on the road with your new e-bike in no time!  After you've received your discount code use it towards any e-bike purchase from Rad Power Bikes here.


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